Abeyance Development

Hello all.

Abeyance is the name of the project I am working on at the moment. You can actually view the Abeyance site here. The game creation forums I visit holds a challenge every year called ‘NaGaCreMo’ (a game creation take on NaNoWriMo) and the challenge is to have a demo completed at the end of the month. When I last did game creation as a hobby I used to find I didn’t get very far with my projects and so I thought NaGaCreMo would be a fantastic opportunity to take one of those projects, make it manageable and see if I could come up with a complete fully functional demo. Abeyance was the chosen project because out of all of the previous attempts it was the least media heavy, initially the idea was to go for a combination of 3D backgrounds and 2D sprites. My demo was completed, in fact, you’re welcome to download it here; PhysX drivers are required (linked in the developer’s log).

The method worked, however, there were a few things I was unhappy with…mainly my really poor 2D art skills. In fact, I could see animating 2D sprites becoming more time consuming than animating 3D objects. I am better at 3D than I am at 2D. This means at the moment I am going through the original demo and giving it a massive graphical update! I’m about 20% of the way through. As it’s messing with how I coded the maps, a few code rewrites are being made so that this system works. Instead of loading a large scene at once, I’ll be having it load segments and any characters present in those segments.

Anyway, this screenshot should give an idea of how the graphics are changing (the sprites on the left pic aren’t even mine, mine were worse).

Graphical Changes

You can see a big difference. Currently the only trouble I’m facing at the moment is the rigged animations. I am using MilkShape3D to animate my models and export them to the game engine, however, the exported version isn’t doing as it’s told, so animations appear shoddy. My battle animations aren’t that great anyway, but we will see improvements once I can figure out what’s wrong with the exporter.


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