Bugs, Bugs, Bugs…

It kind of comes with the territory really. Switching from 2D animated sprites as characters to animated 3D models and restructuring the map system is going to cause a fair few bugs along the way. 

However, one I am struggling to understand is my program likes to needless crash after a compile – now I can run the game over-and-over with no problem, yet between compiles, even when no code is changed I get this.


I suspect it’s a bug within the compiler and therefore I can do nothing about it. In fact, I’ve found it occur in some people’s example codes. I guess the compiler just doesn’t get along with my laptop. It’s an annoyance, but nothing that can’t be worked around.


Anyway, changing the animation system in the battle engine seems to play with some of my arrays and other variables. This means there’s a glitch whenever you attack an enemy – it can say ‘miss’ when it shouldn’t but also the ‘miss’ text can flicker over the HP hit. Then you’ve got the animation bugs, the right frames play and everything but my animations don’t like to export properly, the exporter for MilkShape 3D seems to have issues. What I may try is animations from within Softimage | Mod Tool and see if that makes a difference…of course, I’m going to need to learn how to use the damn thing first. 

The restructured map system should mean a small amount of media is stored in the memory at any one time. With the fixed camera approach you’re only looking at small chunks of a scene and only a handful of characters. This means I only need to load what you can see, which is different to the ‘lets load a whole level’ approach of the last system. This also means all media is deleted and loaded on each change of scene, there were bugs, however, they seem to be squished.

Once all bugs I can find are successfully euthanised I will see about demonstrating the new map system in action, complete with battles.


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