The Forums/Plans

I’ve updated the website with some forums, whilst I don’t suspect I’ll get an influx of members as Abeyance is only at early stages, but at least they’re there. I will view them on a regular basis, so if anybody has any questions you’d like me to answer you’re welcome to post them there.

After the overhaul is done, you’ll be looking at me progressing with a few maps. There’s 3 types of areas in the game:

[Boss Zone]: These are where you will have to fight a number of Notts to defeat a boss at the end

[Safe Zone]: There are areas you can explore and interact with other characters. They might have useful information or may reveal some parts of the plot or something to do with the game. Safe zones are where the plot will develop

[Dream Zone]: Previously boss zones, but you can use Dream Zones to acquire items. Even new weapons. As you’ll be fighting Notts in there, you can earn some exp here.

So the roadmap looks a little like this:

[Intro Sequence]

[Boss Zone]Warehouse: Jor

[Dream Sequence]

[Safe Zone]Estate/Factory. Plot Development

[Dream Sequence]

[Safe Zone]Horizon

[Boss Zone]Horizon: Na’ish

[Safe Zone]Estate. Plot Development. (The Girl)

[Dream Sequence]

[Boss Zone]Distant Memories: Memento

[Dream Zone]Distant Memories

Dream Sequence]

[Safe Zone]Horizon. Plot Development. (The girl)


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