Project Plans

There’s a roadmap for each Seppuku Arts project. Basically, when I was starting out learning to make games there were a series of projects I had planned and wanted to do, but failed miserably due to my own immaturity, lack of ability and lack of realism. The idea of creating the original Abeyance demo was to prove that I could create a fully working demo that’s both manageable and realistic and turn it into a realistic project. Now Abeyance is having its tweaks for improving the graphics and making the code more manageable. So, with the successful Abeyance demo I know my other projects can realistically be done. So after Abeyance is complete I will be working on a second project – at the moment I’m only making plans for it and getting some basic stuff done to prepare for it as its game play will be the same genre as Abeyance; I feel it’d be sensible to think of mechanics as I could recycle some parts of Abeyance’s code.

Allow me to introduce you to:

It was my first project in Dark Basic Professional and for a first project it was ridiculously ambitious. It’s more complex than Abeyance (Abeyance was created later because it’s an easier project). You might see a few blog posts when I get pieces of inspiration for Ronin, but I’m not actually working on it yet. Just scribbling up ideas and building on old plans. I could link to old forum threads dating back to early 2005, but you’d have to see 14 year-old me trying to work on a project, I don’t think I could torture you like that, or embarrass myself for that matter. But because I STILL think it’d make a cool game so I will work on it.

So anyway, what the bloody hell is Ronin, other than a film starring Robert De Niro? It’s a project idea that has absolutely nothing to do with that film. It is a fantasy RPG, but not Tolkein-esque high fantasy like Skyrim or Dragon Age. The fantasy world has a little more of a Japanese feel, I mean…it’s called ‘Ronin’ after all, this is ‘Seppuku’ arts and look, there’s some Kanji in the logo. So its Japanese feel is perhaps a little more than obvious.

The premise:

A setting akin to feudal Japan, different clans across the land are fighting for power and control over the land. A Samurai by the name of Akai is a retainer to Yomura Yoshitawa of the Yoshitawa clan, who seeks to dominate all of the other clans. He’s at war in the province of Koba and Akai accompanies him to battle, but the fight is compromised and Yoshitawa is captured by the enemy and assumed dead. Akai, who failed to protect his master instead of committing honourable suicide (seppuku) out of his shame, he accepts the life of being a Ronin (masterless Samurai). He moves to the coastal town of ‘Ichiryu’ where he will fill contracts to earn money. Ichiryu is a town that’s bustling with trade with western merchants attracting organised crime and piracy. In Ichiryu Akai will meet the first of his companions in the game, a privateer who’s hired alongside Akai to protect a shipment from pirates.

As Akai is fulfilling contracts there’s something unholy happening from within the clans. The first of it he encounters on the seas.

It would getting ahead of myself if I were to start this now as the mechanics will be more complicated than Abeyance, but I thought I’d share my thoughts and plans for the future. I will start using the Abeyance code to get some parts of the Ronin engine done whilst Abeyance is still small so that I’ve got a starting point when I do get to work on it.

So, here’s a small lightmapped scene to start off with. 🙂 It’ll work like Abeyance in that you just get small parts of the scene and transition in between.


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