Overhaul Day 2: Character, Collision and Transition

I’ll make this one short. In the original demo collision is handled by PhysX using the Dark Physics plugin, but as cool as the physics engine may be, it’s a little pointless for an RPG like mine as many of its features will be redundant. Plus, what’s the point having players download the PhysX drivers when they’re not really taking advantage of the technology? Also, I just had problem after problem with it – random crashes and code that should work not doing what it should. The first problem was trying to delete a character controller, but an error kept appearing ‘Character Controller does not exist’, I update the plugin to the latest version and suddenly it works. Then I tried deleting the rigid body (a static mesh) for the level object, but when the new scene was loading the old rigid body was still there. Dark Physics comes with a handy command ‘Phy Clear’, which wipes ALL physics bodies. It solved the problem, but for some reason it would only let my call ‘Phy Clear’ once in the program, as soon as a second was called anywhere in the code it just crashed.

So doing something else for collision is just a more sensible idea. I set up Sparky’s Collision DLL, it works, it’s smooth, it does everything I need and I’m having no problems with it.

The rest of the overhaul today was just having a character walk between scenes. It works smoothly enough and the system used just means I can just keep on adding scenes and in theory should have no problems. The point of this overhaul is to have methods that are repeatable, so it’s a successful system so far.


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