Overhaul Day 3: Inventory and Mapping

Today I’ve replaced the inventory system with something better, plus Keats can pick stuff up. See video:

What I’ve also done is mapped out the game’s engine components into a very confusing looking flow chart. But it’s useful in visualising each part, I can see straight up what’s updated when I change a scene – so I might decide something else needs updating there, like when I start adding NPC’s again. It’s good to think about everything that’s happening before I start loading – so when I add the Save/Load functions the pre-load data will probably have arguments for a ‘new game’ and some variables ready for loading a player’s save, whilst technically it is loading, but the ‘load’ section applies to loading levels and scenes, which might be decided by a game save – currently the first level to load would be ‘Bedroom’ and all of the data surrounding it.

Anyway, here’s the image of it, it might be useful to anybody trying to map their own project (click to see full)


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