Addition to Day 3: Saving & Start Menu

I couldn’t keep away from the computer. So…a couple of new things.

Small update on the chart:

You can see there’s a save file system the and separate branches for ‘New Game’ and ‘Load Game’. Hence I’ve got started on the main menu so I can implement those 2 branches. For the save file, I’ve decided to avoid being complicated and just used DBP’s ‘Save Array’ and ‘Load Array’ commands. Whilst it does mean 1 file per array, but the save files are put away tidy so it’s a viable system…at least for now, I mean, it’s not if it doesn’t end up doing what I want it to do – current tests show that it ought. 😉

For example, here’s the directory for ‘Save Slot 1’:

And you can see the menu below. The part of the menu you can see is the class selection screen, so whenever you start a new game you get to choose what path you want to go on.



  1. It could and I’ve got a copy of it, but have barely tried using, however, my current method is simple, yet effective So for this particular project I’ll avoid adding myself even more work and keep it to saving arrays, the only thing in my code that hasn’t be set up in my arrays is ‘enemies killed’, which will be easy as pie because it’ll basically work like my ‘items picked up’ saves. 😉

    In the future, perhaps with more complex set ups, I ought to invest my time in learning how Dark Data works.

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