Paths Changes

Well, as I’m working on restructuring the battle system too, I figured this the PERFECT opportunity to make a few changes to the ‘classes’. At the moment, the ‘paths’ don’t feel too exclusive. Every path has the ability to equip a ‘melee’ weapon and a ‘ranged’ weapon. Why not vary these between paths?

So, lets take a look!

A Whisperer focuses on using ‘Neuro’ attacks, therefore all of its Neuro abilities will be designed at dealing damage. It has the highest ‘Mind’ stat in the game and gets a boost to concentration. A Whisperer doesn’t need decent weapons, so it’ll be restricted to Knives and basic firearms, like a pistol. This means it can still use weapons whenever a situation calls for it – for example, if an enemy is strong against Neuro and weak against Blood-based attacks, switch to ‘Blood’ and use ‘Leech’. It may favour the ‘Curse’ Threshold.

A Psychopath focuses on using ‘Psycho’ attacks, therefore all of its Psycho abilities will be designed at dealing damage. It has the highest ‘Delusion’ stat in the game. A Psychopath will uses swords to power its Psycho-based attacks, but they will only be a basic set of swords. It may favour the ‘Blood’  Threshold.

A Manic focuses on its Melee attacks, so its Neuro abilities, like ‘Cursed Blade’ will be aimed at enhancing a Manic’s melee attacks. It has the highest ‘Strength’ stat in the game. A Manic will use an exclusive set of swords, but only basic firearms. It may favour the ‘Frantic’ Threshold

A Trigger Finger focuses on its Ranged attacks. Neuro attacks will not be cast nor will they use the ‘Mind’ stat, they will be fired from the barrel of a gun. It has an increased ‘Dexterity’ stat, Each bullet can be enchanted. It will only use a dagger as a melee weapon. It may favour the ‘Nerve’  Threshold.

A Shadower focuses on avoiding damages. It comes with its own exclusive set of Neuro & Psycho attacks. It has an increased ‘Agility’ stat. It will use ‘shadow’ based weapons, such as powerful daggers and easily conceal firearms capable of dealing maximum damage. It doesn’t have a very high vitality, so anybody playing a shadower will want to do what they can to avoid being hit. Shadowblend & Shades of Grey will help in that respect. Shadower will attack faster than other paths. It may favour the ‘Fear’ Threshold.

Enemies will be tougher.

A Tormentor focuses on taking damage. Its attacks focus on enfeebling foes and empowering Keats. Certain abilities will have additional effects. A Tormentor gets more health and a higher ‘Vitality’ stat, making skills like ‘Power Strike’ and ‘Death Scythe’ stronger. A Tormentor may favour the ‘Empowerment’ Threshold. A Tormentor uses a Scythe.

Enemies will be tougher.


The other addition will be, abilities are learned through pickups instead of level ups. In a previous update I mentioned using Dream Zones, which are previous boss zones that can be revisited an a player can explore these areas for items, I figured if they scouted for abilities too then there’d be more of an incentive to use Dream Zones.

In the image below you’ll see an Ability that can be picked up, you may remember from the original demo Keats was a Whisperer and his first spell was ‘Hex’, in the below shot, Keats is a Shadower, hence Shadow Blend will be the first ability he pick up – it can also be Hex, Bluff or Cursed Blade…depending on your Path.


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