Onwards, To Battle!

Today has been a bit of a slow day in terms of programming. Mainly laziness on my part, but working the battle system and improving animations isn’t going so bad. I don’t think there’s a lot I have to rework, the biggest problem was the god-awful looking animations. The menus have to be reworked for the new Inventory/Ability system and that’s mostly done. This is all under the assumption I don’t come into any big obstacles.

I’ve re-rigged Keats and he’s more animation friendly and I’ve fixed the problems where importing Keats means his animations are borked. Now we have a working Keats battle mesh. The weapons in his hands are place holders until I set up the limb commands. I will see how the new animations will work with the battle system and then make any tweaks based on it.

Keats aiming his gun to shoot

Weapons are attached inside of the game, which allows for multiple weapon models, which is what I intend to do. I’ll also take the advantage to improve Keats’ walk cycle.

A few changes on the battle so far:

Instead of ‘Neuro’ and ‘Psycho’ branches, I’ve just grouped them together as abilities, though what ‘school’ a particular ability belongs to is shown. Plus I’ve given each a description in battle, it allows a player to see what Threshold each skill belongs to. I am slightly tempted to remove ‘Psycho’ from Whisperers and ‘Neuro’ from Psychopaths, but have abilities spanning across all Thresholds. However, I’m keeping it this way for the time being.


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