Battle System: Updated

The work on the battle system has been finished, it’s mostly tweaking that’s needed, but tweaking that can be done as I’m adding content to fine tune some of the numbers. I still think some of the animation can be improved, but it’s passable for now at least. It works like it did last time, but I’ve decided to ditch the ‘clues’ system, there will be riddles and clues still, but it’s not going to be something that’s going to be over-thought.

Anyway, this is how the revamped battle system looks – it mostly works the same, there’s just better graphics, most of the code has been replaced with something tidying and more manageable and there’s more information in the HUD. Plus, abilities are grouped together so there’s fewer menus to deal with.

Another change is that in the original demo I only had the concept of the class system called ‘Paths’, but hadn’t put it to practice, now it works. Each path has a set of unique abilities and their own unique strengths, but of course there are shared abilities, for example, those who played the demo will remember ‘Hex’, which 3 Paths can use, the other 3 use an alternative skill, you’ll see in one of the screenshots below that Shadower Keats has an ability called ‘Shadowblend’, which is the skill he learns instead of Hex and is Shadower exclusive. There’s also Bluff (Tormentor) and Cursed Blade (Manic).

These are the latest screenshots:






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