Tool Change: C-Shop to MapScape

Hey folks, just a mini update and it comes with recommendations. The reason the original demo didn’t have lightmaps was because I couldn’t actually get them to load into Dark Basic Professional, it seems as though as soon as a scene made in Cartography Shop becomes complex DBP has trouble reading its lightmap. A weird problem, but I’ve not found any way of fixing it. I just encountered the exact same problem again, so I thought I’d go with something different, MapScape, which was made in Dark Basic Pro, it handles lightmaps differently and it can generate lights a lot faster. The same scene built in MapScape took a LOT quicker to build a lightmap, plus it offers ambient occlusion and exports to .dbo, Dark Basic Pro’s native format, which is faster to load than .x file format. The tool is almost identical to C-Shop in terms of interface too.

And I have no troubles importing its maps into my game:


You can find MapScape and a few other useful tools and some awesome DBP-ready shaders right here. I totally recommend it.


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