Bugs? Sod that, I’m gonna do something else with my time

There’s always the annoyance when a bug you hadn’t previously encountered decides to appear when you’re deep within your coding and you can’t seem to find its source. Head -> Table. It seems the problem is caused by my use of ‘freeobject()’ functions, which basically detects if an object number is free and uses it for any objects. When the scene changes in number of objects it causes a bug that seems as though the numbers are messed up. Now to fix it I could go in and replace every free object with an object number, thankfully with my use of user-defined types it shouldn’t be that difficult to do. However, after banging my head against the desk I’ve taken a break from bug fixing. Solving problems can be a little frustrating and it’s good to get back into it with a clear head otherwise you just end up frustrating yourself further.

Skyrim was a pretty damn good solution methinks, especially Dark Brotherhood quests, I guess killing people in a virtual world never gets old. But alongside doing this project I have decided to try and learn C# and XNA, I figure it’d be a good place to venture once Abeyance is complete. I’ve been using tutorials from 3D Buzz, which are fantastic and I totally recommend them. Their take on ‘hello world’ is pretty cool as it leads you into coding a Text Adventure natively in Visual C#.  There’s not a lot my Text Adventure can do yet, but the tutorial is really informative and I’ll probably have something whipped up in no time, maybe a replica of the text adventure project I did for university. It might be a bit fun and something complete just to put up on this site, it was a small project after all.


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