Nearing the Demo

I’ve had to tidy up a few bugs and fix parts of the coding and I’ve set it up to make it easier to add more content to the game (see previous post) and it looks like I’ll be well set on releasing this new demo. In good faith, here’s another screenshot.

There will probably be 3 or more scenes to make up the demo and of course the last will be the boss fight…who I still need to 3D model, plus I should get off my butt and animate the Notts.

I have been tempted to get Dark Data booted up for this project, but figured I’d avoid placing more obstacles in the way of making this demo. My current method is to have a separate set of arrays to store data and then save (or load) the arrays and this method works, but I’m using User Defined Types and you can’t save them as arrays (though you can use them as such) and I think it’d be tidier to use a different method of saving/loading and I’ve got my head around Dark Data enough to be able to get it to function…not only that but in a way that would work with Abeyance’s structure. Given Dark Data stores everything into a database it’d be easy to allow an unlimited number of saves. At the moment, I’ve just set aside 5 folders so there’s only 5 save slots. So in this respect Dark Data would actually be the better choice, I’d just have to have it check how many saves there are (like I do with the resolution settings, I check each resolution available on the user’s computer) and then allow the user to specify which save they wish to use and maybe even let them name it. But that’s for the future.


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