Demo v0.2 Released

You can download the demo here.

It was a lot of work getting that overhaul done, but I think worth it. It still needs work, but it’s at a stage where I think it might be useful to get feedback and also it’s in a state where it’s playable and hopefully enjoyable and challenging without being too challenging.

What’s missing from this version?
Enemy animations.
Boss Mesh (kind of had a fight with my 3D app over this)
Particle Animations (am using same system as last demo)
Sound Effects

Issues/Things I know about:
-Funky light changes on chat/transition/inventory
-The size of the select ‘button’, I forgot to change that before I zipped everything up

Things you should know:
-800×600 is the minimal playable setting, but I recommend 1024×768 or higher (though you can go lower than 800×600, so I’ll need to put a cap in a future release)
-The default setting is: 800x600x32, windowed and no shadows. If you’d rather play at a different setting, change them from the options menu.
-Dynamic Shadows not recommended for low spec computers

I took PhysX out of this demo, so you won’t need them.

How to Play:
Arrow Keys – move
Return – action
Space – cancel
‘i’ – inventory
Esc – quit (DBP default)
‘1’ – ‘6’ – select threshold (inventory menu and battle)
To change a Threshold in battle your ATB must be full.
1 = Curse, 2 = Blood, 3 = Frantic, 4 = Nerve, 5 = Fear, 6 = Empowerment.

The idea is to defeat the enemies and each will offer some kind of hit on how to defeat the boss at the end. Thresholds are useful in battle for making the player stronger in certain ways. There’s explanations in the Abeyance section of the website.

Working out an enemy’s threshold should be easy in this demo because I’ve given the enemies obvious names.

Also, there’s 2 hidden items, the game will have various hidden items across different maps, so always be sure to scout the scene. If you miss any, there will be an option to revisit a scene in the full game.

The aim will be to have the gameplay challenging so strategy becomes important – at lower levels you have less of a choice as to what you can do, but as you learn more abilities you ought to be more flexible in battle. In this demo you will learn 2 abilities. I’ve been nice and given 2 swords and 2 guns, the default ones will be the ones you’ll start with. The others are for demonstration purposes and you will collect them a little later on.



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