Whilst people are playing around and giving feedback on the demo I thought I’d just start with the next stage of things I want to add to the game.  I thought it’d be quite cool to add a Bloom shader on top of the shadow shader I’m already using. I was tempted to add per pixel lighting and soft shadows, but I think as the scenes are static it’s just best to stick to lightmaps, plus with lightmaps the scenes will still look good for those who turn off shading.

It seems there’s trouble using Dark Shader’s bloom effect in my actual project, yet I’ve been unable to find the cause of the problem. Also, in the above scene, if I zoom in too close it goes crazy.

So as an alternative, I’ve booted up a HDR effect, which works just fine:




  1. What are you using for environment creation?
    And light mapping…
    Also are you using shader for his dynamic shadows?

    I think bloom if used subtly it may be nice but perhaps in certain places only?

  2. Using

    Dynamic shadows is using DBP’s built in shader, but I set it up like this:
    set shadow shading on obj, 0, 500, 1
    Basically it limits the shadow draw distance to 500. Should perform better than just using set shadow shading on obj.

    As for the HDR, I can very easily adjust the settings per scene. I’m not gonna go OTT, but keep at a level I think is aesthetically pleasing.

  3. HDR comes from the ultimate shader pack, here

    There’s also a bloom shader, but I think the HDR one is more effective. You can also find a decent bloom shader on Evolved’s website, in fact he has an excellent selection of shaders available with examples.

    I tried using Dark Shader, it worked in a new project file (image one above), though buggy and it just failed when trying to implement it into the Abeyance demo, whereas implementation of HDR was seamless.

    Also, if you’re not aware, the light DBP’s shadow shading uses is ‘Light 0’, so if you wanted to change the direction of the shadow just use ‘position light 0, x, y, z’

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