Ronin: Battle System

Another update for Ronin related stuffs.

I’ve been planning out Ronin’s battle system. Here is a very basic image:

Click To Enlarge

This layout needs some explanation. Basically Ronin will be using a battle of 3 players at a time and a maximum of 3 enemies in a fight. I’ve labelled relevant variables I’ll be using. Like Abeyance it’s turn-based and therefore uses an ATB meter. You will be able to select the commands for each player and the info of each player is displayed. You’ll notice ‘stance change’, this like Thresholds in Abeyance, however, how stats are effected depends on class. These stances are based on martial arts stances, though for classes like Privateer, I may revert to an earlier idea. The next part of the interface you’ll notice is the Japanese characters, it’s not there to Japanese-ify the interface, in fact they aren’t a part of the internet, it’s just my notes. Basically, you learn and combine words from each class to call a monster to assist you.  The technique will be called ‘

You could:

侍+ 戝+ 榊

Samurai + Zai + Sakaki

This would be an ancient Samurai who enters the battle to steal MP from the foes with a striking blow.

These words are learned for each player. An interesting potential (currently just a thought) combination could be if we had a Kijutsushi, then you could do:

侍 + 戝 + 魔

Samurai + Zai + Ma

A Kijutsushi is a magic class who is able to use the spirits of captured demons to power his own magic. So this would capture a demon. Only Zai+Ma are important here


But lets say, we had another word:

侍 +弓 +魔

Samurai + Yumi + Ma

This would call a ranged based demon who could be controlled by the Kijutsushi. The main attacker (in this case, the Samurai) would still be present in the battlefield.


It should be fairly clear that this project is gonna be a lot of work. 😛


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