Ronin: Unity Level Design


You might have noticed I did an XNA/C# section of the website as I was working on learning XNA/C# in the background of working on Abeyance and considered it as something to switch to for Ronin and future projects. The reason I want to move away from DBP is because as a language it lacks a lot of what other languages has and it isn’t very well optimised. It’s a fantastic program though, it’s a joy to use. XNA/C# enticed me with XBox 360 support and the fact C# is OOP based and has access to a great number of useful classes from the .NET framework. But it’d actually take more time to complete something in XNA and the whole point of using DBP was to have a quick and simple method.

Unity3D is the alternative here and if it works out the way I hope, I may convert Abeyance over. There’s so many features about this program that could well speed up my development process and it cuts out a lot of the work as I don’t have to build the engine from ground up.  Plus, as scripting is Java and C# based there’s a bonus. So ‘XNA/C#’ projects’ may become ‘Unity3D Projects’. Anyway, that’s the rambling over and done with, for Ronin I thought I’d chuck out some level design (unfinished) for the area where  I will start scripting the game’s components.

Although the texture for the houses and I”m not satisfied with the stalls, the wonderful thing about Unity is I can make these changes whilst Unity is still running and it will automatically update – no reloading or any of that malarky.

Anyway, a few screenshots.

Unfinished Japanese-style House

Overview of the unfinished village



  1. Amazing!!!

    Yeah I think I should begin my projects in DBPro for now… my guess was to hit C/C++ next… I am picking up Javascript at the moment… had an idea… as I am also learning PHP and MySQL I am considering writing a multi user database where the database holds the users save game data as well as game items etc… what do you think?

  2. Databases are really useful and as you’re using DBPro you can definitely play around with Dark Data, which I’ve actually figured out how to use – the tutorial that comes with it isn’t that good, so I had to do a lot of experimentation to get it to work. I was going to replace the file system in Abyeance with it. From what I understand RPGames tend to use a database system, which makes sense because you’ve got to store and retrieve a lot of data. Hence Abeyance’s data uses UDT’s, which works like a database. As Dark Data uses a key filing system you should be able to acquire specified types of data when you need it.

    My UDT Lists system has a function that does something similar too, which checks and displays list items with a certain property. So if you only wanted to display weapons you could.

    Never actually used MySQL, but then I’ve never really tried web development, hence why my site is using a WordPress template and not something of my own creation. 😛

  3. I used to host my website elsewhere and used a Joomla system for it, but I found my design a bit clunky after a while and switched to WordPress out of laziness. When I intended on paying to host and have my own domain name, I’ll probably re-use Joomla. Last time I used it I had my own design and I’ll create my own again. 🙂 I was happy with Joomla and I think it sufficed for what I was going for.

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