Unity3D: Getting to Grips with Using GUI

I’ve got the character controller finished. Everything is smooth, but the actual values need tweaking somewhat. Everything is timer based, unlike it was in Abeyance. So I wont have to make apologies in my videos for the speed Fraps records at. 😛

You’re welcome to take around the village so far:

Not Unity3D web player stuff just yet, will add stuff like that when there’s more to show.

Anyway, now that I’ve got the stats set up for our dear friend the Samurai, I’m exploring the GUI commands for Unity3D and playing with them. At the moment I’m struggling to convert my variables to ‘strings’ and .ToString is returning syntax errors, but I’ll figure it out.

Keeping to my aim of making a blog post a day, the GUI isn’t much yet, but the good thing is the menu will only show when the ATB meter is full and the player is a Samurai and that updates.



Updated with more GUI stuffs (didn’t think it merited a new blog post, as I’m having a lazy day today.)

Basically, this HUD will be useful whilst I’m implementing parts of the game, but does not represent the final result, media will be done after programming. 🙂


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