Goodbye Game Dev

Shocking title! But a couple of days ago I bought myself a copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic, in fact I managed to snag the collector’s edition for £50 (normally £130). It is an awesome game to play, probably the best MMORPG I’ve played so far. Whilst it uses some elements borrowing from World of Warcraft, it manages to live up to the feel of Knights of the Old Republic, except a little more modern. The use of voice acting and having dialogue choices adds something new to the MMORPG genre, despite is already existing in multiple Bioware games already, but still it adds to the dynamic of the world you’re playing and it does an excellent job of integrating the story into the game play and keeping it multiplayer at the same time. Players get the choice to engage in the same cutscenes and are able to engage in the conversation options each cutscene requires.


At the moment I’m playing a Jedi Consular called ‘Saefinn’ but also have a Sith Inquisitor by the name of Nifl. Of course, both are basically the same class, but on one hand, with the Consular I’ve taken the route of being a sage and on the Inquisitor I’m an assassin and the two roles actually play very differently. Whilst I’m a Sage I’m standing away from the enemy launching force-based attacks and healing allies, but as an Inquisitor I’m up front with the enemy engaging them with my dual-lightsaber and in PvP stealth comes in really handy for sneaking up behind unsuspecting prey.

I was actually really surprised to find that it works on my laptop. I’m only running:

Lenovo ThinkPad SL510, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2ghz, 2gb RAM, Intel GMA, Windows 7  Professional 32-bit.

I am running on minimum settings in 1366×768. It stutters a bit and it doesn’t like places dense with forest. However, it is possible to jump into the ini file and reduce the SpeedTree distance (how close a tree has to be for it to turn into a billboard) and I’ve set that to pretty damn close. It’s also possible to reduce the draw distance (a feature Bioware took out after the beta). The performance is much better as a result.


The title of this post is just playful, I’m not really giving up game development. Just MMORPG’s have a tendency to be addictive. 🙂 So it has meant I’ve not spent much doing stuff with Unity. So what gave dev related thing should I post about today? Well, I’ve come across a pretty sweet toll on the interwebs for doing normal maps. Now, I don’t have any fancing 3D tools for creating normal maps from high detailed geometry, but this tool is great for creating normal maps from textures and it’s free. I might find myself taking advantage of this for Unity3D.



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