Ronin: Plotting Out Abilities and Inventory

Following the conversion of Abeyance’s inventory system over to Unity3D, I figured it’d be worth getting more direct planning down for the games items and abilities.

The system I have planned out is actually borrowed from Abeyance. For example, the inventory only requires the following criteria:

Name, Count, Effect, Modifier, Cost, Type and description.

So what I’ve decided to do was create a database to store all this data for future references so I can add it to the game. As I’ve got 1 or 2 other people on board, I can have them adding lists to my database and then I can just add it to the game. So I’ve just set up Microsoft Access, with a template of course, I’m not going to claim to be an Access wizard when I’m not.

Here’s an example:

Nice and simple data entry there. šŸ™‚ The use of an image will allow me to get some idea of what I’m looking at if I need to model it. As the template allows for multiple images I could have my co-person/people get me some useful reference images. Maybe even a drawing.

I’m using a different set up for the abilities. The reason is that it’ll be easy to adjust when we introduce any new classes, hence there’s a ‘school’ tab. You’ll see I’ve got 4 schools introduced.

Then of course there’s the forms for filling out Abiltiies, but they meet a different criteria:

Because it is a melee strike I’ve just used a Wakizashi for the image to convey the type of attack. I can add any images I wish later.

The Abeyance abilities system worked like this, except I didn’t have a fancy database for all the planning. For example, ‘Hex’ belongs to the school of ‘Neuro’, its element (or Threshold) is ‘Curse’, its MP (or Concentration) is 7, modifier is 30, its effect is MagicDamage (or just damage in Abeyance), but it uses no stat modifiers. Although Abeyance has them for things like ‘Shadow Blend’ but I’m doing it slightly differently here just to keep it tidy. All attacks will use Stat modifiers and ‘Effect Mod’ can be used in another part of the mathematics – it’ll be a percentage.

In the above example the maths may be some thing like:

EffMod = EffectMod/100

MindMod = Mind*EffMod

Damage = Mod1 + Effmod + WeaponMod

RNDDefence = RND(EnemyVIT/2)

Defence = RND + EnemyVIT

Total Damage = Damage – Defence

For numbers (lets assume Mind = 15 and Enemy VIT = 10):

30(Mod)/100 = 0.3

0.3(EffMod)*15 = 4.5

35(Mod1)+4.5(MindMod)+ 15(WeaponMod) = 54.5

EnemyVIT / 2 = RND(5)

RND(5) + 10(eVIT) = between 1o and 15

10 (to 15) – 54.5 = between 39.5 and 44.5 and because we’re using integers that’s 40&45. A small range because the enemy doesn’t have a lot of VIT. Of course, if the character had a great Mind stat or a better weapon they can deal more damage. Because the attack has a base stat and uses weapon damage, it’s only fair that only 30% of the Mind is used. A purely magical attack might use more Mind. In this example the mind is fairly low.


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