Ronin: Battle System Part 2

From the last post about the battle system we were working with the idea of having a turn-based battle system similar to Abeyance, but since then we thought we’d combine it with some semi-real time, without actually dumbing down the tactical aspect. Say we encountered an enemy on the map:


We get our usual list of commands of: Attack/Skill/Item and so on. And it’ll work like it did with the previous system where you can select attacks for each character, but you can navigate the ‘melee’ user. Lets say he wants to pull a powerful AoE attack. You could pull him away from your allies. However, there will be a distance where they’re actually effective. Also, if you’re not careful your allies might get attacked. The basic battle formation is as follows:


Magic and range won’t move. So it is up to the melee to position the enemies and to draw them away from allies, but not too far. Now, as you can move you’re welcome to make use of your space, so you could in theory dodge certain attacks.

The actual battle menu will remain the same:

Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of all the character classes that will exist in game,


Samurai, Ninja, Drengur


Privateer, Kyudoka, Gunslinger


Shintoist, Kijutsushi, Froðmaður

Though currently we only have 3 characters set up, Akai (Samurai), Ratis (Privateer) and Miko (Shintoist).

Alongside that, each character will be able to acquire a companion to fight in battle and I have compiled a list of all these class companions:

Yamamoto, Kraken, Okuninushi, Alfaður, Shinigami, Shadow of the West, Oni, O-Ryu, Hel

And you will also be able to acquire special weapons, but I won’t list those.


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