Ronin: Characters & Art Style

The important thing about this project is that it’s manageable. Hence the reason I chose Unity3D for the project, many features about it makes things a lot more manageable. For art, how I’m managing it is taking a few shortcuts. First off, the style will be cartoonish/anime, because it means texturing is less time consuming. Second, the character models will be more generic – this means I will only need 2 rigged & animated meshes for characters. 1 male & 1 female. How will ‘different’ characters be identified? By changing the textures, by swapping parts I’ve made interchangeable, for example, the head, hands, feet, hair, pieces of armour, weapons and other accessories. The method just requires me to attach these parts to the bones of the rigged ‘body’ in Unity3D.

Say hi to Akai (unfinished):

This is him in a rendered shot inside of a scene. Poor thing was born without hands and feet.

I can also load the rigged version into Unity3D and attach ‘primitive’ placeholders to demonstrate what’s happening.

And finally, a walk cycle demonstrating all that needs to be rigged – I’ve add a couple of bits to the rig for reference (like the head & a sword place holder) just to use whilst I’m animating it.

And whilst we’re at it, a rig test in Carrara

Tools used:

Hexagon 2.5 – Modelling & UVMapping

Gimp – My poor excuse for texturing

Carrara 5 Pro – Rigging, animating, rendering and exporting to .FBX ready for Unity3D.


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