Hexagon Basics: Modelling Tools

With Daz3D being amazing and offering Hexagon 2 for free for a limited period I am sure many have snagged the deal. If you haven’t, there’s still time. https://www.daz3d.com/i/products/0?home_j_btn=start So I’ll do a walkthrough of the basic tools that I find to be useful in Hexagon, which I use for most of my models. With the primitives you’ve got a ‘cube’, which is pretty damn useful when it comes to box modelling, also, you can use the ‘grid’ primitive if you fancy ‘polygon modelling’. I’ll use the grid to demonstrate some of these tools.


When you’re creating the grid you can drag your mouse to size the polygon – make sure the ‘light’ side is facing you (games only draw 1 side of the polygon and it’s the light side). Then after you’ve chosen the size of the polygon you can drag your mouse further and you’ll add more & more polygons in a grid fashion. In ‘polygon’ modelling, I only have 2 polygons to start with.

The reason for this is, look at this panel:


You’ll notice you have an option for ‘Symmetry’, below it is ‘Smoothing’, I don’t need to cover that with a demonstration – by clicking it you can ‘smooth’ out your model, useful for high polygon project – ‘0’ is no smoothing, ‘7’ is insanely high smoothing (which will take a lot of processing, but useful for sculpting).

If you click ‘X’. you’ll find each side will mirror when you’re modelling. For example, if I click ‘Select Edges; imagethen I can click on one edge and drag it back and the mirrored edge will follow.


In that bar you see ‘select edges’


You’ve got 5 selection types, In this order:

Object, Face, Edge, Point, Auto

Auto will select an edge, point or face, depending on what you click on.

This bar:


Is used to manipulate your object, face, edge or point. In this order:

Move, Rotate, Scale, Universal Manipulator, Hide Manipulator.

Your manipulator is this:


At least that’s the ‘Universal’ manipulator, which allows for move, scale & rotate.

Finally, you’ll want to know how to move the camera:


In order:

Manipulator Mode (can manipulate object), Rotate Camera, Move Camera, Zoom Camera.

Shortcut keys (I prefer this), Alt + Left Click = Rotate, Alt + Right Click = Move, Scroll Wheel = Zoom (or Alt + Middle Click)

The next tool I want to show you is called the ‘Edge’ tool. Naturally, you’ll need to be in ‘select edges’. Hit the ‘Vertex Modelling’ tab.


You’ll spot the ‘Edge Tools’ there. Click on an edge and then click ‘Edge Tools’. You’ll get a choice of tools, select the top one. Now click and drag on the selected edge and you’ll see you’ve got a new edge.


The next tool is: Fast Extrude. There are other extrudes you can play with. An ‘extrude’ can be used on a face or an edge.


You can see on our model – I’ve extrude an edge upwards and a face across. Extrudes can work on multiple faces & edges too.

Like these 2 edges


Or these 2 faces


Now, lets say on the back of the model here:


We wanted a polygon between these 2 edges? We’d use something called a ‘Bridge’. Just select the too edges and click on the bridge tool.And you’ll get this face:


The last tool I’d like to demonstrate is the ‘Target Weld’ tool. This can be used with ‘point selection’.

Lets say I wanted to merge these 2 points?


I’d select one of them. (I’ve selected the left). I’d then click ‘Target Weld’ and then click on the point I want to weld the selected point to.

And this is the result


There are a whole array of other vertex tools you may wish to play around with, but the tools I’ve shown you are the main ones I use for modelling anything. For example:

This head was created only using the tools I’ve shown.

That’s where I’ll leave this tutorial. But now you should know the tools you have under your belt, so go wild!


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