Hexagon Basics: Painting

This tutorial will cover the painting of the ‘wall’ from the previous tutorial, where we UV Mapped our cube.

This the material editor (left side of the UI)


Select ‘Texture 1024×1024’. This will create a new texture for us to paint on. Now hit ‘paint tool’.

In your properties, you’ll now see your paint options.


You can paint your ‘texture’ or the ‘transparency’ plus details of your brush. You’ll notice the tool layers here:


Click the top one if you’re going to use a ‘colour’ and the bottom one if you’re going to use a texture brush.

With the texture, you can choose from a nice selection already included in Hexagon:


Because we’re painted a wall, lets choose something a little more appropriate, I’ve gone for “Wall Basement”. Knocking the Opacity to 100 and using the ‘fill’ tool, I’ve ‘filled’ the object with this texture.


As a texture, it’s pretty dull. I can reduce the opacity and use other textures to spruce it up.

I can use the ‘alpha mask’ to change the shape of the brush. This isn’t by any means impressive, but here’s a quick go at mixing textures and changing the Alpha Mask:


Also, you can switch to ‘colour’ and write something.


Have a bit of fun experimenting with these tools.


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