Unity3D/C#–Check If In Distance

Here’s a code snippet for checking if an object is within a certain distance. This will return ‘true’ or ‘false’. Basically it’ll work like this: “If character is within 5 units of another, then he can speak to that character”

public static bool CheckInDist(float dist, GameObject con1, GameObject con2)
        var pos1 = con1.transform.position;
       var pos2 = con2.transform.position;

        var posx = pos1.x – pos2.x;
        var posy = pos1.y – pos2.y;
       var posz = pos1.z – pos2.z;

       if (posx < dist && posx > -dist && posy < dist && posy > -dist && posz < dist && posz > -dist)
            return true;
            return false;

Dist = Distance to check

Con1 = First Game Object to check

Con2 = Second Game Object to check


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