Unity Animation Problem Potentially Solved

One of the problems I was having with Unity3D  was that my main 3D software, Carrara 5 Pro doesn’t actually export animations to the .FBX format, I tried using Blender and just ended up hating it because the program seems so counter intuitive to me. For a better FBX exporter I’d have to update to Carrara 8 Pro and I’m not yet prepared to do that. Then I found something inside of Unity3D’s editor, you can actually make your own animations. As Carrara 5 Pro will export with bones this is good news, because I can just edit directly inside of Unity3D and presumably call those animations from within C#. This is good news methinks.

On another note, I’ve made progress on the 3D model for Akai. I’m actually getting a decent frame rate within Unity for this character.


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