Ronin: Asset Workflow

After having experimented heavily with how I’m doing my workflow for this project in my spare time. I came across various problems because of the tools I have and trying to integrate them with Unity3D has been a pain due to what’s supported and what isn’t supported by various applications and my refusal to use Blender. These set backs are rather annoying, but I’d like to think I’ve fixed them.


Hexagon 2.5, Modelling/UVMap/Paint (.car); Carrara 5 Pro, Rigging (.fbx); Unity3D, Animation


Cartography Shop, Design/Texturing(.x); Gile[s], Lightmapping(.3ds); Unity 3D, Scene Building


Hexagon 2.5, Modelling/UVMap/Paint (.obj); Unity3D, Placement


Today’s tests has really been just getting everything into Unity3D from Cartography Shop and have them lightmapped. They’re not the best made scenes, but they work.


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