Unity3D/Carrara 5: Using Carrara 5 Pro in your Workflow

Carrara 5 Pro is my main 3D package and finding Unity3D supported it as Carrara 5 Pro exports .FBX was good news, but there is one problem Carrara users do find and that’s older versions of the program do not export animations. Carrara 8 Pro is supposed to work, but if you’re like me you’re not going to pay out a load of money to replace a program that pretty much works for you. So what’s the solution? I’ve tried figuring out various ways of getting an animated model into Unity3D from Carrara 5 Pro and it seems none of them really work.

However, there’s two positive things here.

1) Carrara 5 Pro’s .FBX exporter will export models fully rigged

2) Unity3D comes with a built in animation editor

So all you need to do in Carrara is rig your model:


Export it as a .FBX

Load into Unity3D


You’ll notice in the Hierarchy pane you’ve got all your bones:


Now, before you move any joints, make sure ‘Pivot’ is selected:


Now you can see that you can pose your object.


From “Window” hit “Animation”


Drag it so it fits into your window somewhere convenient


If you hit the red ‘record’ button (make sure your object is selected) you will be prompted to save your animation. You will be able to assign this animation to the object and tell Unity to play it from the code.

From here, you’ll be able to adjust your object to fit the animation at each keyframe (the keyframes will automatically be added when you adjust a joint).


And that’s all there is to it.


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