Prototype for Dark GDK Tutorials

The 2 sets of tutorials I will do will be fairly simple projects. The first I’ve already explained. Essentially the idea is to have a set of 2D tutorials and a set of 3D ones. I am used to doing 3D and have barely touched Dark Basic Pro’s 2D commands, so obviously, I’ll have to set something done in DBP before I can figure something out in DGDK just to make it simpler. Everything I will be doing in these tutorials will try to use the simpler methods as to not over complicate things or make them confusing. The second project will be a boat racer, much like the project I started in DBP called Hydroxide, which ended up looking like this. (I’ll even go through how to create the content)

I’ve started working on the 2D project to get some prototypes out as the boat game has the upper hand in that I can just translate existing code from DBP. Because I am going to keep it simple, there will be no per-pixel collision, particularly as the existing methods are too slow and of course,  anything outside of box collision is a little more complicated. In fact, I am using this method. Which’ll mean I’ll have to try and show you how to make it effective. For most games out there, box collision should suffice, but it isn’t very accurate.

But I am going to go ahead with the layered effect, I am just testing it with 2D images here:

It’s not that impressive yet, but you’ve got collision, a moveable character and a layered effect, it’ll look nicer with a pre-rendered 3D scene.


I thought I’d try it with a 3D render. It’s a quick job and you’ll see what box collision is less accurate, but it’ll do the job – at least it’ll keep it simple and will allow people to get results and then learn the more complicated methods when they’re more confident. The collision boxes were draw quickly and not a lot of consideration was put into them, but it should give an idea.

Character hiding behind house.

Showing box collision areas.

Video demonstration:


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