Abeyance: Title

Generally I don’t like to have a title screen until the main components are put into place, but players do pick Keats’ class from here and the character info will be set up in this scene as well. So it seems to be the obvious next step, as I am working on scene transitions. Though admittedly, I haven’t done anything for a few days, you can blame Mass Effect 3 for that one. It’s a damn good game.

I liked the atmosphere of the original title I hate in Dark Basic Pro, because it was smoky and eerie with the music that came with it. You might remember this. I would have had no trouble recreating that in Unity3D. But I thought I’d experiment with something else. Just to have more visuals and capture the atmosphere of some other part of the game. Whilst not a lot has been said about the plot beyond the warehouse, but Keats does have this sanctuary in his mind. The ideas of the game actual stem from a few pieces of poetry from different poets, you can probably work out John Keats is one of them and those who know his poetry might be a little puzzled given the atmosphere, but hopefully that part will make sense later. The idea of this sanctuary in Keats’ mind actually comes from the poem ‘I am’ by John Clare, because John Clare spent the end of his days in a mental asylum and this poem is beautiful piece into how a man in his position felt. It is a sad piece, but in it he longed to be back with nature, free from all burdens and free from burdening others. Reading it I had this vision of a valley where his was alone, but at peace.

But here is the title menu I ended up with.


The terrain is representative of Keats’ sanctuary. Of course, to match the mood of some of the sadness, the rain is added and an overcast sky and the music is meant to reflect it too. But don’t worry, this game isn’t going to be full of depression and it isn’t going to keep you on a downer, for a start that would be bad pacing, but I hope that as a title screen it’ll help set the atmosphere.


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