Concept: Dark Irr

One of the great things about Dark Basic and Dark GDK is that it has such a simple way of dealings with code, rather than bogging you down with heavy details it keeps it nice and concise for the coder. After reading a thread on the TGC Forums I had an idea that might be interesting to explore, not necessarily start as project, but an idea none-the-less. It’s to bring Dark Basic like commands to another library. I picked Irrlicht Lime as it is Open GL and multiplatform and free. Irrlicht doesn’t work in the same way, so for a Dark Irr to work it’d need to be coded in such a way that it has the simplicity of Dark GDK but the functionality of Irrlicht.



That’s just a sample of the concept. You’ll notice a few differences to the Dark method. Instead of ‘object numbers’ you just have the objects. And Irrlicht uses a scene manager whilst Dark products don’t. Irrlicht uses a box to contain text and therefore requires x, y, width & height and not just x & y. Also, you can just load a texture direct to a 3D object rather than having to use ‘Load Image’ first.



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