Dark Irrlicht

Currently there is an Open Source project going on to bring an Irrlicht wrapper to Dark Basic Pro, for this project I am working on some of the documentation and helping any Dark Basic Pro users get to grips with this plugin. My C++ skills aren’t good enough to contribute to the DLL itself, though I have given DLL programming a shot, I think there’s more I’d need to learn.

The project has a working prototype, but there’s still a lot of Irrlicht commands to bring into the mix. So whilst people are adding stuff, I am working on a demo in C# I can bring into Dark Basic Pro and explain how everything works. It seems like a sensible set of tutorials and documentation to do whilst I wait on the release of Dark GDK 2.0 to do the tutorial series I promised.

You might recognise this scene from a project:


This will be used as part of the demonstration so I don’t have to 3D model anything new. Smile I’ll probably use some of the stock media for the characters.

The Dark Irrlicht project is here over on the TGC forums.


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