Abeyance: Asset Workflow

Now I’ve got a bit more money behind me I can start getting the applications I prefer to use in creating Abeyance. I’ve already picked up Silo 3D, which is an excellent 3D modeller and in many ways superior to Hexagon. Then to add on top of that I’ll need 3D Coat (my next purchase) and Carrara 8. These combined should help me create some decent enough media. Silo has invested itself in ergonomic 3D modelling and I can quickly create media:


Then import it into 3D Coat where I can UV Map and Texture my object in 3D.


3D Coat is actually a really cool application for texturing, it in some ways tries to be a cheaper alternative to ZBrush, but for me it’s UV Mapping and texturing tools are what makes this a worthwhile tool. The above texture was really simple, I use the auto-UV feature and then I was able to paint a texture I had saved onto my HDD onto the model.

Then the next stage is I can import it into Carrara 8, from there I can pose my scene and then export to .x or in the case of character models, animate them first.



For scenes, the next step could be Gile[s] to just bake in lightmaps.


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