NaGa CreMo 2013 and ADG Compo #2

What do these 2 things mean? Lets start with NaGaCreMo, it is a challenge unofficially hosted each year on The Game Creators forum, the challenge is in tribute to NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month, so as you can imagine NaGaCreMo is National Game Creating Month. The idea of NaGaCreMo is to meet your own goals, generally you are expected to have a completed demo by the end of it. The original Abeyance demo was a NaGaCreMo creation.

What about the ADG competition? ADG is the App Developers Group, a group of developers who produce apps for various platforms using products from The Game Creators. Last year’s results can be found here.

Click for NaGaCreMo 2013

Click for ADG Competition #2

So, why am I writing an article about these 2? I’ll be aiming at using Abeyance for both. I want to have a decent demo for Abeyance out by the end of both. For ADG Compo, the theme is New Beginnings and unfortunately, starting a project in a new engine doesn’t count, however, there is a scene in Abeyance that’ll fit the theme. The idea will be to have a prototype demo ready for December 31st, the deadline for the first competition. So then, what’s the plan for NaGaCreMo? To have a fully fledged demo for Abeyance as a showcase for the final game. I will try and plough through as much content as possible, but bear in mind I am working full time, so hopefully these goals won’t be unrealistic. Either way, I will work hard towards them.

How is this going to approached, I am working on the actual engine for Abeyance, it’ll use XML to script much of its content as previous articles have suggested. It’ll mean I’ll just need to work on the core engine and then the rest will rely on the scripts. The method I am using will be based on an old text adventure of mine, which read LUA scripts. The text adventure can be found here (for those curious little folks).

For an example, you can see 2 sets of scene data loaded on the screen, this data will be used to create each ‘room’, there will be additional scripts, for example, NPC data and each NPC created will be assigned to a room.



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