Playmaker for Unity3D

It has been a little while since I’ve posted, mainly due to work and other demands. However, I have picked up this neat add-on for Unity3D called Playmaker, it is essentially a visual programming tool and is packed with useful features. I am a little surprised by how simple it is to get something set up. See below.


In the above you can see the process of a character moving to an NPC, talking to said NPC and scrolling through the conversation. Playmaker uses a series of states, which can perform certain actions which maybe controlled by any events, be it the player hitting ‘fire’ or the player walking into a zone or anything like that. Whilst it is customisable, no programming is required, you’ve got access to Unity’s own commands from the visual editor. So in the above shot the logic is: the NPC stats at a default state (doing nothing), then if the player enter the trigger zone it will prompt the player to ‘hit’ fire to talk, there’s two options really, the player can walk out of the trigger and return to the default state or hit ‘Fire’ and go to the next state, which displays the first line of text in the conversation, which can continue through various paragraphs until the last one, which the returns back to the start allowing the player to repeat the action if he so wishes. It’s a lot quicker than doing that in code.

Anyway, I thought it was something cool to share, but if you’re interested, Playmaker’s website is here.


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