Abeyance – Skills Update

It has been a while since I’ve done any work on Abeyance, sadly I’ve been busy. Last time I posted I said I was creating a new project file to tidying up code and introduce play maker. Well I’m still working on moving the battle system over, I don’t have the menu controls in yet, but here’s something new. Rather than getting smothered in classes to create a series of databased for skills and items, instead each item and skill is treated like an object in the editor. The battle system will detect how many of the objects are a child of the player object, so it can ever be expanded. The menu system will be able to detect each item just like before (as you’ll see on the right), but it just makes managing content easier. Each ‘skill’ script contains the skill’s characteristics, including animation and particles.


This means any skill additions can be just dragged in as a prefab, I attached a Particle System for the effects and editor all of the parameters in the above box. I can choose when the particles activated with ‘Particle Delay’ I can choose 2 types of modifiers for the skill, so this mean I can, say, damage an enemy and steal some of their health (hence ‘damage’ as primary mod’ and ‘healself’ as secondary mod), the parser inside of the battle calculator will read this and will act accordingly. I can also give the name of the animation that the character will perform.

Below are screens of the attacks in action, you’ll see 2 skills in action.

abstandbyabbloodattack abice abice3


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