Abeyance is a game I’m working on in my spare time using Dark Basic Professional. It is inspired by some of the old RPG’s I’ve played over the years. This game is to work in a similar style to games that were released on the original Playstation where a fixed angle camera is use, except instead of using 3D rendered backgrounds like Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Parasite Eve, Star Ocean and many other games used, it is full 3D.

You follow ‘Keats’ a young man who works in a factory and everyday is exactly the same, working as a cog inside of a machine. So much as a sign of individual thought could be seen as a punishable offence. Freedom of expression is dead. Everybody is the same. Bubbling away in his psyche is the need to break free from these manacles forced upon him; he must think freely once again, learn what it means to be human.

Twisting and turning in his sleep he finds himself having these strange dreams, a world very much like his own where he has to defeat the demons inside of his head and to take rule of his own mind. The more he submits himself to this dream-world the more insane he becomes and the line between fantasy and reality begins to fade.

Fight your way through an army of shades known as the ‘Notts’, explore Keats’ mind and unlock all that he has repressed. Defeat much larger demons who are key to learning his secrets. Help Keats come back to reality.



  1. This looks really promising. Silent Hill-like atmosphere with the Final Fantasy 2nd and 3rd gen mechanics. Tried it with Dynamic Shadows on (couldn’t resist) and they are looking excellent. Animation and camera movement is smooth as sllk. The “rooms” take a little time to load but I’m sure that’s on your To Do list. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Cheers for the comments. I’ve switched over to Unity3D so that should mean faster loading times and it should help aid the development of it with more tools to play with. Of course being Unity3D Free it lacks stencil shadows natively, but I can buy an add-on in the asset store (for fairly cheap) and not have to get the Pro version for full use of the shaders. Plus the multiplatform support is a plus point too. Unfortunately I’ve not had a lot of time to work on it, but I’ve been adding bits here and there, but as I’ve decided to just work on one project at a time now (as much as I’d love to work on Ronin), it should mean a little more time dedicated to this.

    I ought to post up videos of the Unity3D version at some point soon. There’s some screenshots of it already available (I’ve refined things like the UI and improved the inventory system).

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