Health – Keats’ Lifeforce

Concentration –Used for Psycho & Neuro attacks

Strength – Physical power

Vitality – Resistance to Damage

Mind – Powers Neuro Abilities

Delusion – Powers Psycho Abilities

Dexterity – Accuracy and ranged attack power

Agility – Ability to Evade

Threshold – Keats’ Resistance to attack types



  • Curse
  • Blood
  • Frantic
  • Nerve
  • Fear
  • Empowerment
  • Lucid

Curse > Nerve > Blood > Frantic > Curse…

Fear <-> Empowerment

Threshold                                     Additional Effect

  • Curse                                     Mind Boost
  • Blood                                    Delusion Boost
  • Frantic                                 Strength Boost
  • Nerve                                   Dexterity Boost
  • Fear                                      Agility Boost
  • Empowerment                 Vitality Boost
  • Lucid                                    All Stats Boost

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