Thresholds are an important system in Abeyance. 

Every Psycho and Neuro attack has a specific Threshold. For example, the attack ‘Hex’ has a ‘Curse’ Threshold. Every enemy can be aligned to a specific Threshold, so an enemy can be ‘Nerve’ based. Keats also has Threshold alignments but he is able to change them in battle. He could be aligned to ‘Curse’.

Certain Thresholds may be strong against another. Curse is strong against Nerve. Keats can then change his alignment to ‘Curse’ and use ‘Hex’ and get bonus damage. Matching a Threshold to your skill will mean that skill has a boost too. 

Thresholds have another side to them. They can also boost Keats’ stats. Curse Threshold gives a Mind Boost effect, so when fighting a Nerve based enemy you could just be using your Neuro skills. 

However, you will not be told what Threshold an enemy is, a part of the challenge is to figure it out. It could mean the difference between winning and losing. 

See the ‘stats’ section to look at what attributes each Threshold has.

There is one Threshold called ‘Lucid’, instead of being able to select it like other Thresholds in the battle it only can be activated using an item. Lucid offers all of the effects other Thresholds offer.

To see how Thresholds work in action, see the below video:


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