Abeyance Update

It has been a while since I’ve worked on Abeyance, been mostly busy with work and looking for another job. However, I’ve been working on Abeyance over the weekend.

The update is that I’ve been restructuring some of the code as it got pretty untidy with my current project file, also trying to make things more efficient and also use Playmaker to cut down on some of the code. For this I created a new project file and am just porting the code over. I’ve started with the basic stuff, which seems to work nicely.

Here is an example of the scene transitions, which is simpler than the old method.

So far this weekend I’ve got the character talking to NPCs, moving between rooms with ease and also the ability to activate and deactivate objects in a scene with a scene manager. The scene manage is below:


You can see at the top, two variable, “This Room” and “Last Room”, these are useful for recording which spawn point to use on entry. So for this scene the character will have spawned at the spawn point called “TestRoom1” and it has recorded the name of this room, “Scene3” so when you change scene, it’ll warp you to the “Scene3” spawn point.

Beneath that, you’ll see the ‘Zones’ in each of the zones there are a series of items, which can be pick ups, enemies or even NPCs, in this case, it’s recording the NPCs and I can choose whether they’re active. Handy for when you’re killing enemies and returning to rooms and also handy when it comes to saving data, so dead enemies remain dead. Like the player, the SceneManager object will never be deleted, so its variables remain global for each scene.


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